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School of Sciences Held Talk"How to Publish SCI, EI and other Journal Articles Successfully and How to Write Scientific Articles in English"


久久网热久久电影院在线免费看 www.bjcuan.cn Professor Cai Xiaojun was invited to give a talk titled "How to Publish SCI, EI and other Journal Articles Successfully and How Write Scientific Articles in English" on the afternoon of October 19th. Dean Prof. Pangjing, all faculty members, PhD students and master students of the School attended it. Deputy Dean Li Prof. Haibin Hosted the talk.

Professor CAI Xiaojun detailed the linguistic and cultural customs, scientific research model in the laboratory and reviewing method of editors with wonderful examples and her working experiences in scientific research in the United States. In addition, she explained how to prevent the misunderstandings of the difference between Chinese and western cultures and the difference of experimental data representations. With a large amount of examples, she illustrated how to publish academic articles successfully.

All attendees got a lot from this symposium, and increased their confidence in publishing SCI and EI articles.



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