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Architecture School Hosted Academic Report: Locality Design Under Multidimensional View


久久网热久久电影院在线免费看 www.bjcuan.cn The lecture, "Locality Design Under Multidimensional View" was held at the School of Architecture on the evening of September 7th. This talk was offered by Prof. Wang Xingtian, the convener of CCAF (the Contemporary Architecture Forum of China) and the executive architect and general manager of Nikko Architectural·Shanghai Xingtian Architects Inc. Professor Zhang Pengju of architecture school hosted the event.

Professor Wang Xingtian said that the design philosophy of "Locality Dimension" is to respect the local urban context and region environment, and to create an environment where people and nature co-exist harmoniously. Then he introduced some works which were based on the design philosophy: Nantong Abacus Museum, Shenzhen Castle Hotel, etc. Through the urban space dimension, environmental dimension and architectural dimension, Professor Wang dissected and explained how the architectural space builds a dialogue with the surrounding environment.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Wang said that the missions and responsibilities of being an architect beyond using professional skills is conveying spirit of culture. Students should not only improve the professional knowledge, but have some comprehension of society, history and culture, so that the works can truly adapt to the local environment and suitable to people’s needs.

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