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IMUT Students Won Awards in “Leica Cup” 6th National Metallographic Skills Competition for College Students


久久网热久久电影院在线免费看 www.bjcuan.cn From Oct. 11th to Oct. 14th, “Leica Cup” 6th National Metallographic Skills Competition for College Students was held at Nanchang University. After a heated competition, Xiaobo Gao, a student from IMUT School of Materials, won the first prize; DamuWu and Zixiang Ma, the same school, won Second and third prize respectively; two teachers won the Excellent Guiding Teacher Award.

This competition was sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Steering Committee of Materials Teaching in Vocational Higher Education, and undertaken jointly by Nanchang University, Nanchang Hangkong University, and Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, and attracted nearly a thousand teachers and students from 167 universities nationwide.

The National Metallographic Skills Competition for College Students is a competition of professional skills, aiming to improve the metallographic skills and experimental ability of materials majors and to provide them with a practical platform for mutual exchange of materials study. It is hoped that the contest will help college students to enhance their understanding of materials study and stimulate their enthusiasm to study and practice basic materials theories.

The participation to this competition aims to test the teaching degrees of professional practice course and cultivate students’ interest to the knowledge of certain course, and it is of a great meaning to promote the teaching reform of professional practice and improve the teaching quality of major courses.

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